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Visualize raster results

WherobotsDB offers some APIs to aid in easy visualization of raster results.

Visualize rasters as images

Base64 String

The RS_AsBase64 encodes the raster data as a Base64 string and can be visualized using an online decoder.

SELECT RS_AsBase64(rast) FROM rasterDf

HTML Image

The RS_AsImage returns an HTML img tag, that can be visualized using an HTML viewer or in Jupyter Notebook. For more information please click at the link.

SELECT RS_AsImage(rast, 500) FROM rasterDf

The output looks like:


2-D Matrix

Rasters can also be visualized as a 2-D matrix where each value in the matrix corresponds to the value in the cell at the corresponding grid coordinate

SELECT RS_AsMatrix(rast) FROM rasterDf

Output will as follows:

| 1   3   4   0|
| 2   9  10  11|
| 3   4   5   6|

Please refer to Raster visualizer docs for more details on how to make most of the raster visualization in Spatial SQL.

Last update: May 20, 2024 02:13:05