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Apache Sedona vs. Wherobots

What is Apache Sedona?

Apache Sedona ( is a cluster computing system for processing large-scale spatial data. Sedona extends existing cluster computing systems, such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink, with a set of out-of-the-box distributed Spatial Datasets and Spatial SQL that efficiently load, process, and analyze large-scale spatial data across machines.

Relationship between Apache Sedona and Wherobots

Wherobots uses Apache Sedona as an open core to build a cloud data platform optimized for geospatial analytics and AI workloads. Wherobots offers a streamlined experience for executing geospatial workloads, powered by Apache Sedona.

Wherobots Inc. was founded by the original creators of Apache Sedona. As an open-source project, Apache Sedona attracts contributions from various leading companies, including Wherobots.

Wherobots actively contributes to the development and improvement of Apache Sedona and also develops additional optimizations and proprietary features that enhance and extend the capabilities of Apache Sedona, such as WherobotsDB, a full-fledged spatial analytics database system.

Difference between Apache Sedona and Wherobots

Apache Sedona Wherobots
Languages Spatial SQL
Spatial DB ST and RS functions 200+ functions 300+ functions
Data model Geometry and In-DB raster Geometry, In-DB raster and Out-DB raster
Distributed ETL and analytics performance The fastest open-source engine 20X faster than Apache Sedona
Spatial data lake storage
Distributed vector tiles (PMTiles) generation
Spatial AI Distributed raster inference
Distributed map matching
Deployment mode DIY Fully managed and highly optimized

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