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Havasu table format

Havasu is a spatial table format built on top of Apache Iceberg. WherobotsDB can save its in-memory geometry and raster tables to the Havasu table format and store them on AWS S3, or any other cloud file systems or object stores.

Havasu supports ACID transactions, schema evolution, and time travel on spatial data including geometries and rasters. Havasu stores spatial data in Apache Parquet format on cloud storage, which is very cost effective and highly decoupled with computation.

The reference doc describes the usage of Havasu table in WherobotsDB. Regarding the Havasu table specification, please see the next section.

Havasu specification

The implementation of Havasu table reader and writer in WherobotsDB follows Havasu Table Format Spec v0.1.0. You can learn more about the design of Havasu from the Havasu Spatial Table Format Spec.

Last update: May 15, 2024 00:19:30