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File management

This page provides detailed information about the Wherobots file structure in cloud storage and its associated behaviors.

File browser

Wherobots' file browser allows you to see the file and directory structure of your data warehouse on Wherobots Cloud.

File Browser

Folder permissions

The following top-level folders are read-only, indicating that it is not possible to create new folders, upload files, or delete any existing folders:

  • / (root)
  • /data/
  • /notebooks/

The following folders are where the user can create new folders, upload files, or delete any file within them:

  • /data/customer-XXXX
  • /data/shared
  • /notebooks/customer-XXXX
  • /notebooks/shared
  • /spark-logs


The /spark-logs folder allows read and write permissions, but it is recommended that users refrain from tampering with the logs, as it may affect their experience.

User specific folders

The folders with the name of customer-XXXX/ are unique to each user. The files and folders within them can only be accessed by the user.

Organization-wide shared folders

Folders named shared/ grant access to everyone within your organization. Any member of the organization can create new folders, delete existing ones, and have the privileges to read, write, upload, and delete files within this shared folder.

Copy a file or folder's S3 Path

If needed, you can copy the direct S3 path for your directory and files by clicking on the "copy" icon on the right hand side of each displayed folder or file.

Notebook data and home directory persistence

Your home directory in your Jupyter notebook environments is automatically persisted and shared through your notebook instances. This allows you to keep your notebook files safe, and to quickly pick up where you left off in your next session.


Your home directory is limited to 3GiB and isn't meant for storing large volumes of data to be processed with WherobotsDB. For that, please rely on your Wherobots Cloud managed storage under the /data/ folder, or your own S3 bucket with cross-account S3 access.

Last update: May 17, 2024 13:46:47